Gas Bandit Blocker anti siphon device stop gas siphoning
Stop gas & fuel siphoning theft with The Gas Bandit Blocker

Everyone knows how to siphon gas. You simply insert a hose into a fuel tank, start the flow by sucking, then drop the other end into a lower container to receive the liquid. You may do it sometimes to fill your mower, but most siphoning is done to steal gas. Thieves steal millions of dollars of gas from unattended vehicles each year. It only takes a few minutes. Locked fuel doors and caps slow down the process, but fail to prevent theft by determined thieves. Now you can prevent gas siphoning and fuel theft easily with The Gas Bandit Blocker!

The Gas Bandit Blocker is a simple patented device that installs in an easy two-step process. Once installed, it's invisible and doesn't affect how you fill your gas tank. View our instruction video to see how easy it is to install, prevent gasoline siphoning and protect your fuel investment.

  Step one for installing the gas bandit blocker and stop fuel theft fuel is protected from siphoning theft by inserting the gas bandit blocker into the fuel filler low cost protection from gas siphoning
buy the anti siphon device for just $9.95 dollars & stop fuel theft